About Us

Extraordinary Nobodies is a hip-hop blog founded in February 2016 for the sake of discussing music that we enjoy. As of right now there are only two writers associated with this site (mini-biographies below) and there are no set dates for publications. Our main goal is to have fun with writing, and potentially introduce you to artists you may not be familiar with.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site!

Dustin(@NobodiesHipHop) is a Canadian who decided to start this blog in February 2016, exciting right? Ultimately, he’s a hip-hop fan who wanted to create a platform that could represent those who rarely get their moment in the spotlight. He’s probably slightly too confident in his writing, but y’know, if you’re not going to be independent and arrogant, what’s even the point?

Rajin(@RajinBuu) is the Undertaker of Extraordinary Nobodies. At times he dips into the shadows, only for the gong to sound bringing him back to life! Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but his semi-regular Rajin Rambles column is a consistent source of genuine reaction to the all sorts of modern happenings in music. He also does some editing here and there, along with general behind the scenes contributions on every article published.

Isaac(@IsaacPain) is our content advisor. None of us are particularly sure what that entails, but we do know that most of our work is better when he does his job…whatever that job is. He knows a ton about hip-hop, and holds the distinction of being the first man to land a 900 at the ESPN X-Games in 1999.

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