About Us

Extraordinary Nobodies is a hip-hop blog founded in February 2016 for the sake of discussing music that we enjoy. As of right now there are only two writers associated with this site (mini-biographies below) and there are no set dates for publications. Our main goal is to have fun with writing, and potentially introduce you to artists you may not be familiar with.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site!

Dustin(@NobodiesHipHop) is a Canadian who decided to start this blog in February 2016, exciting right? He demands that all the blog staff refer to him as “fearless leader”, and writes the majority of the articles published on Extraordinary Nobodies. He’s your average Canadian college dropout, who also happens to have a burning passion for alternative/experimental hip-hop, alt-rock, electronica, and basically any form of DIY music. His life mostly consists of blogging, lifting weights, working a painfully dead-end job, and listening to all the music. All of it.

Rajin(@RajinBuu) is a beautiful brown American man who attached himself to this blog like a parasite. His somewhat-monthly-ish column, Rajin Rambles, consists of him ranting (in editorial style) about things he cares about (but many others do not). He is cynical, misanthropic, sarcastic, depressed, and most other adjectives that describe over 99% of bloggers. He primarily enjoys hip-hop music, because leaving comfort zones is terrifying.

He greatly enjoys rappers such as: Eminem & D-12, Pharoahe Monch, Redman, Wu-Tang Clan, Scarface, Nas, Big L, Black Milk, 2Pac, Run The Jewels, Sean Price, Onyx, and many others.

Emily is our wonderful editor who diligently corrects typos when Dustin remembers to inform her that a new article is being published. She spends most of her days melting to death in the hash Australian sun, whilst scheming on how to avoid adult responsibilities. Dustin promised to pay her in Milo Drink Powder, but she has yet to receive compensation for her efforts on Extraordinary Nobodies. She also despises Twitter, thus the lack of Twitter link.