Frequently Asked Questions

Is “Extraordinary Nobodies” a reference to something?

Yes! It’s a reference to the song “The League of Extraordinary Nobodies” off of El-P’s 2007 solo album, I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead. That album is incredibly important to me, and the name worked well since we’re essentially nobody writers forcing our opinions down your throat.

I personally think it’s glorious.

Why are your review scores generally high compared to other blogs?

One of my main goals with Extraordinary Nobodies was to be a more positive music blog. A lot of reviewers get caught up bashing things that they don’t enjoy, and that just seems like a waste of energy to me… So, we basically only review things that we like or have significant interest in.

At the end of the day, we’re not professional music critics. We write for fun, so why waste energy listening to music we don’t enjoy?

There will be the odd time we give a bad review, but we’re mostly just here to discuss the things we love.

Will you review my mixtape/album/EP?

Maybe, but probably not. Our Contact Us page has an option for music submissions, and you are more than welcome to shoot us a link! We don’t have a lot of time for review requests though, as this is a side project; however, if something catches our eye you could very well find it on the site eventually.

Will you promote my new single?

Absolutely not, go away.

Do you have a release schedule for new articles?

Nope. Everyone involved with this blog is either a full time student or otherwise employed. Thus, we’re unable to set times for articles. We try and release a minimum of three per month, but that’s not a guarantee either.

My twitter generally tweets all our new articles though! The easiest way to be alerted to our new content is to either check the site, or follow on twitter.